Round Around We Grow accepts just about anything related to children!

Items must be current, clean and in excellent condition with no signs of wear or damage. Make sure you have scrutinized each item as though you were going to buy it.

Please use this list as a reference for consigning your items and adhere to the guidleines below.

Items Accepted

All Consignors start with a 150 Inventory Item Limit. However, if you would like to consign more than 150 items, you may do so! To consign additional items, email us at info@roundaroundwegrow.com to upgrade your item limit and additional fees will be implemented and taken out of your consignor earnings at the end of the sale.

Consignor Registration:    0 – 150 items $18

Additional Items/Fees:  151– 250 items $5 (no cap, each additional 100 items is $5)

Items applicable to the upcoming season:

  • Holiday Sale – All Seasons Accepted.
  • Fall Sale – Only Fall/Winter clothing and shoes i.e. winter coats/boots and Halloween/Holiday wear (no short sleeves are accepted for the Fall).
  • Spring Sale – Only Spring/Summer clothing i.e. swimsuits and sandals (seasonal Spring jackets/sweatshirts, pants and jeans accepted – NO long sleeves).
  • Children’s clothing:
    Girls sizes newborn to 16 and Juniors.
    Boys size newborn to 20 and Juniors.
    Sizes X-Small-X-Large accepted only if brand and style are for children.
    *Limit of 20 hanging items for sizes 0-24 months per gender and size.
  • Children’s shoes and accessories (belts, hats, gloves, etc.).
  • Maternity: Must be current style and for the upcoming season. Jeans, pants, short and long sleeves accepted at BOTH sales (heavyweight only in Fall, lightweight only in Spring).
  • Women’s: Not Accepted at our In-Person Sales/Accepted at our Online Sales: Clothing, Coats, Shoes and Accessories.
  • Men’s: Not Accepted at our In-Person Sales/Accepted at our Online Sales: Clothing, Coats, Shoes and Accessories.
  • Furniture: Toddler beds, bassinets, changing tables, rocking chairs, gliders, toy boxes, bookshelves, step stools, and other children’s furniture.
  • Cribs: Accepted at In-Person Sales/Not Accepted at our Online Sales: Must be manufactured after June 28, 2011 to comply with new federal safety standards. No drop sided cribs, please check the recall list www.cspc.gov and you must complete the Crib Waiver Form.
  • Mattresses: Accepted at In-Person Sales/Not Accepted at our Online Sales: Mattresses may be included with furniture, but must be clean, free of any wear and tear, or stains.
  • Baby Equipment: High-chairs, booster seats, slings, carriers, strollers, joggers, bike trailers, pack-n-plays, baby swings, exer-saucers, bouncy seats, jumpers, etc.
  • Car Seats: Accepted at In-Person Sales/Not Accepted at our Online Sales: Must never have been in an accident and must not be more than 5 years old. Please also make sure yours is not on the following Recall List www.safercar.gov and you must complete Car Seat Waiver Form.
  • Nursing/feeding supplies: Nursing tops, nursing foot stools, bottles, bottle sterilizers, diaper bags, etc.
  • Nursery: bedding, linens, décor, diaper pails, potty chairs, bath tubs/seats, bed rails, baby monitors, gates, etc.
  • Stuffed animals accepted only if they move or make noise or if they are new with tags.
  • Toys, games, and video games/systems (must be in working condition and include all pieces and batteries).
  • All Children’s and Adult Family Friendly Books, Music, and Videos (CDs/DVDs in original case only).
  • Large indoor and outdoor toys, play equipment, and ride-on’s.
  • All Sports Gear, Dancewear, and Halloween Costumes/Dress-Up.
  • Adult Sports Gear Not Accepted at our In-Person Sales/Accepted at our Online Sales.
  • Decor: Holiday and Home Decor Not Accepted at our In-Person Sales/Accepted at our Online Sales.
  • Collectibles, Crafts and Party Supplies.

Items Not Accepted

  • Clothing that is worn looking with stains, holes or non-functional parts, i.e. zippers, missing buttons, as well as outdated clothing.
  • Top outerwear that contains drawstrings at the hood/neck sizes 2 – 12 years.
  • Adult clothing other than maternity wear (okay for Online Sales).
  • Broken, dirty equipment or items with any missing pieces or no batteries.
  • Bath seats manufactured before December 6, 2010.
  • Walkers that are not at least 36 inches wide or do not have the edge gripping mechanism.
  • Crib bumpers.
  • Pillows of any type including Boppy’s and Infant lounge pillows.
  • Underwear, socks, or tights unless they are new in the package or part of an outfit (should be attached to the outfit).
  • Nursing bras.
  • Breastpumps.
  • Formula or food.
  • Used bottle nipples or pacifiers.
  • Handmade items.
  • Children’s jewelry.
  • Cassettes or VHS tapes.
  • Recalled items.

Recall Information

Consignors please check www.wemakeitsafer.com or www.CPSC.gov to ensure that you are not consigning any recalled items. Be a responsible seller and keep our kids safe!

Our Review Process

For In-Person Sales every item will be counted for total inventory submitted and quality checked during Drop Off. Any unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor or set aside for consinor pick up. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. We will be screening very closely so as to maintain the quality of the sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home.

We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and
we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are
buying the best at Round Around We Grow.

Occasionally, due to an oversight at check-in, we find items on the sales floor that do not meet these standards. Round Around We Grow reserves the right to remove these items from the sale.