At the close of the sale, unsold items are donated to a local charity chosen by Round Around We Grow. Most consignors choose to donate their unsold items to charity. It is up to YOU!

When tagging your items, if you know you do not want an unsold item back at Pick Up, please select yes for Donate in sales system. This allows us to know which unsold items do not have to be resorted for consignor Pick Up.

Unsold items marked “not” to donate, should be picked up during the Pick Up time. If the items are not picked up on-time, they will be gratefully accepted by the local charity.

However, car seats, large baby equipment and furniture items are no longer being accepted by most charities and therefore cannot be donated. If these items are unsold, they should be picked up by the consignor during the pick up timeframe. These particular items not picked up may be subject to a disposal fee.

Any items left at the close of Pick Up time will be immediately donated, as we need to leave the building at the close of the sale.