Round Around We Grow will make the check-in process as efficient as possible. Please read below for process details.

Before you bring your items to Drop Off:

Have all of your items clean, hung and tagged. Clothing should be grouped by gender and size, and non-clothing items by type.  This will make it efficient to place items on the sale floor.  Your consignor earnings payment will be processed within 10 days, so please make sure to have your PayPal account setup to confirm your account information at registration.

Schedule Your Drop Off Appointment

When you get to the sale:

You may park your car in the front parking lot. Leave your items in your vehicle and come check-in. At the check-in-table, you will confirm your information.

Once you have checked in, you may bring your items in and lay them out on the check-in tables. A volunteer will check your items for seasonality and blemishes. Large items can then be brought in for inspection and drop off.

Once all your items have been checked, they are ready to be placed on the sales floor. All consignors should come with enough time to put their items on the sales floor. Volunteers will be happy to direct you with this process. Consignors that are unable to place their items on the sales floor will be subject to a service charge.

All inventory items must be dropped off during the consignors scheduled drop off time. Items may not be submitted to the sale at any other time.

Pick Up instructions(not applicable during online sales):

Consignors have the option of picking up their unsold items on Sunday, May 5th between 6-7PM. Items not picked up will become property of Round Around We Grow to be donated to a local charity. If you know you would like to donate some or all of your items, please mark those items appropriately. This is very helpful as it allows us to know which unsold items do not have to be resorted for Pick Up when the sale is over.

The process of picking up is very simple and efficient. You will be escorted to your consignor number and a volunteer will help you with your items if needed. Remaining items will be sorted onto tables, racks, and floor space for you to Pick Up. All items picked up, must be signed out. Please make sure you collect all of your items. We are not responsible for any items left behind. All items remaining after the close of Pick Up time will be donated.

There will be a lost and found area that we encourage you to look through before you leave.

Car seats, large baby equipment and furniture items are no longer being accepted by most charities and therefore cannot be donated. If these items are unsold, they should be picked up by the consignor during the pick up timeframe. If the consignor is unable to pick up these particular items, the items left behind will be subject to a disposal fee.

Schedule Your Pick Up Appointment