Want to consign, but don’t have the time? We’ll do it for YOU!

  • We will set up your consignor registration, price, hang and tag all of your items and even bring them to the event site (see exceptions below).

You will enjoy consignor benefits:

  1. Receive a pre-sale shopping pass for you and a friend to shop early before the public.
  2. Daily sales tracking.
  3. Donation of all unsold items to charity or you may choose to pick them up at the end of the sale.
  4. Earnings checks mailed within 10 days after the sale.

Important Guidelines for Tagging Service Clients

  • All of your items must meet our acceptable item requirements.
  • Please make sure all of your items are washed/clean and are ready for our preparation process.
  • Contact us at info@roundaroundwegrow.com to reserve your spot! We can only offer a limited amount of spaces, on a first come, first serve basis.

Consignor Service Options

Item Collection: We can Meet-Up for FREE or Pick-Up at your home for $15.00 within reasonable radius of Salem, NH (contact us to inquire).

Item Pricing: We can do it, but you can do it too! We will price all of your items for you based on our suggested pricing list, but sometimes there are items you would like to price on your own. If so, please attach the price to all or some of the items you wish to price. Writing prices on pieces of masking tape works best and is less time consuming, but you may also attach a piece of paper with a safety pin.

Fee Structure:

Consignor’s using our tagging service will earn 50% of the items they sell. You must consign a minimum of 25 items with us, up to a maximum of 250 items.

There is a $20 upfront consignor registration fee. This includes registration and supplies (cardstock, ink, hangers, pins, tape, etc.) for item preparation.

We have a flat rate fee schedule for our tagging services. This includes labor, storage, and site delivery. There is no upfront charge for these fees, they are deducted from your earnings at the close of the sale.

Flat Rate Fee Schedule:

25 items: $15.00
26-50 items: $30.00
51-75 items: $45.00
76-100 items: $60.00
126-150 items: $90.00
151-175 items: $105.00
176-200 items: $120.00
201-250 items:  $150.00

*Exceptions: We will not be able to Pick-Up extra-large items such as furniture, i.e. changing tables, dressers, couch-like gliders/rockers, etc. You may still use this service to consign all of your other items and you may also consign your large items with us at this time under the same consignor registration number, but you are responsible for getting your extra-large items to the event site by signing up for a Drop Off time.